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Baymax! Rating: TV-PG. Release Date: June 29, 2022. Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Science Fiction. Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Baymax!" returns to the fantastical city of San Fransokyo where the affable, inflatable, inimitable healthcare companion, Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit), sets out to do what he was programmed to do: help.

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Synopsis. Baymax is a technologically advanced and incredibly lovable robot designed to help humans with their medical needs. Although he can be clumsy, Baymax has the tools to get the job done.Baymax first appeared in Disney's 2014 animated adventure movie, Big Hero 6. The film was an adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name.

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The six-episode series of healthcare capers introduces extraordinary characters who need Baymax's signature approach to healing in more ways than they realize. Created by Don Hall and produced by Roy Conli and Brad Simonsen, filmmakers behind 2014's Oscar®-winning feature, "Big Hero 6," this new series' episodes are directed by Dean.

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Baymax!: Created by Don Hall. With Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Dichen Lachman, Sarah-Nicole Robles. The characters in the unique city of Big Hero 6 get their own series, packed with adventures.

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Baymax! Baymax! - Kembali ke kota fantastis San Fransokyo di mana robot pendamping perawatan kesehatan yang ramah, tiup, dan tak ada bandingannya, Baymax, berangkat untuk melakukan apa yang diprogram untuk dilakukannya: membantu orang lain. Situs Nonton Film Online Gratis :

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Check out the Baymax! trailer for the upcoming series, Baymax!, streaming on Disney+ in Summer 2022. Baymax!, the Big Hero 6 show, has been announced as part.

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Baymax! 1 Season6 EpisodeFamily17+Disney. Baymax! returns to city of San Fransokyo where the inflatable healthcare companion robot, Baymax, sets out to do what he does best, help others. Streaming Baymax! semua episode - English Family TV series.

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Nonton Baymax! - English Kids TV series di Disney+ Hotstar sekarang. Baymax urges a reluctant Kiko to ease her aches and face her fears. Baymax! Kiko S1 E1 28 Jun 2022. Kids. 17+ Baymax urges a reluctant Kiko to ease her aches and face her fears. Daftar Tonton. Bagikan

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Baymax! is an American animated superhero science fiction comedy television series created by Don Hall that premiered on Disney+ on June 29, 2022, featuring the Marvel Comics character of the same name.The series is a spinoff of the animated feature film Big Hero 6 (2014), and the second television series set in the film's continuity following Big Hero 6: The Series (2017-2021).

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Link Nonton Serial Baymax! (2022) di Disney Plus Hotstar Serial Baymax! ini tersedia di platform streaming milik Disney yang dapat dinikmati langsung melalui aplikasi maupun situs webnya atau diunduh ke dalam perangkat seluler dan tablet. Kelebihan mengunduh serial Baymax! di Disney+ adalah dapat dinikmati tanpa sambungan internet atau secara.

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1x06 Baymax. June 29, 2022 3:00 AM — 12m. 4.4k 5.9k 3.9k 10 2. Baymax's best patients come together in a frantic race to help the healthcare companion. Ads suck, but they help pay the bills. Hide ads with VIP. Return to the fantastical city of San Fransokyo where the affable, inflatable, inimitable healthcare companion robot, Baymax, sets.

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Link Nonton Baymax Series 2022 /Tangkap layar/Instagram @Disneyplus. SERANG NEWS - Disney Animation Studios kembali menghadirkan serial Baymax karakter kesayangan penonton dari film Big Hero 6, Baymax. Serial yang berjudul 'Baymax' yang digarap oleh Disney+ karakter robot pelukable kembali menghibur penggemar yang menyukai sosoknya.

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Streaming, rent, or buy Baymax! - Season 1: We try to add new providers constantly but we couldn't find an offer for "Baymax! - Season 1" online. Please come back again soon to check if there's something new. 6 Episodes . S1 E1 - Cass. S1 E2 - Kiko. S1 E3 - Sofia. S1 E4 - Mbita. S1 E5 - Yachi. S1 E6 - Baymax. Track show. S1 Seen. Like .

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Baymax! adalah seri televisi internet film pendek animasi fiksi ilmiah dan komedi yang diciptakan oleh Don Hall yang ditayangkan perdana pada 29 Juni 2022 di Disney+.Serial ini menghadirkan karakter Baymax dalam seri Marvel Comics, Big Hero 6 yang kemudian diadaptasi oleh Walt Disney Animation Studios menjadi film animasi dengan nama yang sama.Serial ini merupakan spin-off dari film fitur.

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Bagi penggemar Baymax dari Big Hero 6, wajib nonton series Baymax ini. Meski ceritanya pendek, tetapi banyak pelajaran positif di dalamnya.

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รายการรับชม. Baymax! 1 นาที2021ActionPG. In the fantastical city of San Fransokyo, features the favourite healthcare bot, Baymax. Created by Don Hall, the director of "Big Hero 6.". Streaming Baymax! - Action film di Disney+ Hotstar.